You’re standing in your kitchen and sipping from your favourite mug, with the early morning light illuminating your home. Glancing around in a moment of rare quiet, you’re reminded about that idea you’ve been tossing around. While the shorter daily commute of simply heading down your stairs has been nice, the living room wasn’t designed to be an office full time. Perhaps additional dining space wouldn’t go amiss, or maybe you could finally have that open plan kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. 

While the need for a better extension solution existed, we knew the development of that idea would take time. Uncertainty has been a buzzword in each of our lives over the last twelve months. A few less hours spent out and about, and a good deal more have been spent at home. Suddenly, we found ourselves with time on our hands to spare.

The inception of Habattachis what we fondly refer to as a“quarantine baby”.

As many of us have learned to adapt our living spaces to accommodate working from home, maybe others of us have experienced school lessons at the kitchen table. Having more room to achieve these changes has become an equally recurring theme, and the Hab is here to help. 

Whatever your extension idea looks like, knowing where to start can seem like a daunting task. You might be concerned about the huge disruption of a traditional build, and the prospect of living away while works are completed. Does the waiting game of planning permission sound like an uphill battle you would rather not fight?  There is a key phrase you need to know to put your protentional project off to a good start: permitted development.

These two wonderful words are right where Habattach thrives. All of our offerings fall into permitted development, with the exception of listed buildings. Depending on the area where you live, permitted development allows certain alterations to be made to your home without needing full planning permission. 

Planning permission can sometimes take up to 12 weeks. You spend all that time waiting, and then still have to get prices from contractors for your future project. Sorting through a stack of estimates and the back and forth of negotiating pricing will create even more delay. It’s no wonder that so many extension projects can feel out of reach or get pushed to the bottom of our lists of priorities. We have been there ourselves!

Interior Layout - 5m x 3m Hab 3 Home Extension Example

With Habattach, you don’t needto add 12 weeks on to the process.

Having one of our experts come to perform your site survey means we have the opportunity to assess your property’s suitability for adding a Hab in a fraction of the time. We will be able to discuss any site-specific queries you might have, as well as offer experience-based advice. We will also ensure that your Hab is within permitted development before commencing.

The beauty of Habattach can be found in more than just the elegant design and sedum green roof. The fixed installation time means your Hab is ready for you to decorate just 14 days after the installation process has begun. The value of Habattach lies not only in offering you a sustainable option via a fixed design at a fixed cost but includes the peace of mind that comes along with a fixed install time. 

Though if it turns out the best recommendation is to put your Habattach project through the planning process, that will still come under the fixed cost of the Hab. It is our goal to make that dream of additional space a reality for you. This means getting you there with as few headaches or hassles possible. 

Habattach was born to be a problem solver, during a time where other options seemed to become more difficult to action. The phrase “improve, don’t move”, has just become all the more achievable. By choosing a Hab, you have the opportunity to remove just a little more uncertainty from your bigger picture.

Fancy having a chat through your extension idea and how Habattach can help? We would love to hear from you! Drop by our contact page to book a Free video consultation. You can find a time and date to suit your schedule, and reserve that slot now. We confirm your appointment in advance, and we’ll see you then—it’s just that simple.

Exterior Example - 6m x 4m Hab 2 Prefab Extension
Living Room Layout Interior - Hab 2 6m x 4m Prefab Extension

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