What Extension Option Is Right For Me?

As more and more of us look to improve our houses and really take advantage of the potential locked within our property’s walls, we look to extending our spaces and making our homes really work for us.
With the hopes to make you options a little clearer, while we can’t hand you the answer, we can certainly outline the benefits of what’s already out there.
If you’re looking to extend outwards, as opposed to upwards, you have a few options to choose from. What it really boils down to, is what are you going to use this extra space for? It’s really important to have an idea about the purpose of your new room because this can affect the material and method you go for.


Undoubtedly, the most popular type of extension in past years has been the conservatory. It has dominated the more budget friendly end of adding on to the home and has only recently had proper competition in the form of modular extensions, which we’ll touch more on later on.
With a conservatory, if you’re unfamiliar, a space usually added on to the back of the home and predominately made from glass.
The biggest benefit to going for the conservatory option is its price tag, it is absolutely the most cost effective solution that you’ll find out there.
This may be where the positives end as the cons of a glass room can significantly outweigh the pros if looked at from all angles. The problem with building a room out of a material like glass is that it’s too difficult the control the temperature making is unusable in certain seasons.
It’s also been mentioned that the conservatory can feel quite disconnected from the rest of the home, discouraging members of the household to utilise it to it’s full potential.
If you’re looking for a room to only use occasionally and can handle to prospect of putting a lot of energy into maintaining the temperature, a conservatory may be for you.

Brick Built

If you’re looking for a more permanent project that you want to look like part of your home, a traditional brick built extension is a good route to go down.
It’s much easy to control the temperature which also means the usability of the room goes through the roof. Unfortunately, with brick built projects not everyone that is doing the job for you necessarily should be, there are a few people out there who have watched one too many episodes of Grand Designs and have decided to undertake these projects themselves without prior training or experience.
However, this is great option if you’re looking to extend upwards at a later date too.


One of the new contenders to the world of extensions is the prefabricated modular option. The main selling point of a modular extension is that the majority of the work is completed offsite and delivered to the site ready to be assembled. This means that the time it takes for the project to be completed is cut down significantly with some taking as little as 18 days to be in place and ready to use.
Modular extensions are also known for the long lasting, robust materials that they’re built from which also means they’re well insulated and incredibly easy to control the temperature. You’re also not limited to what you’re planning on using the space for, many of the modular options, much like Hab, have packages that allow you to add on packages that let you select extra electrics and plumbing options should you want to use the space as a kitchen or cloakroom, the possibilities of these pre-built rooms truly are endless.
One of the draw backs that may be found with the modular extension would be how different it will look from the outside to the rest of the house, however, this is also what makes it so attractive. Blending the old with the new is absolutely rising in popularity and in most situations the modular extension’s eye catching design is what attracts our customers in the first place! This “negative” is more down to personal taste than it is to practicality.
So what seemed like a very simple question has many answers! It depends on your taste, budget and ultimately what you’re wanting the room for.
Exterior Example - 6m x 4m Hab 2 Prefab Extension
Living Room Layout Interior - Hab 2 6m x 4m Prefab Extension

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