Sustainability is, by now, something everybody should be paying attention to. Both businesses and consumers need to consider their impact on the environment through the choices that they make. If you haven’t already, watching David Attenborough’s ‘A Life on Our Planet’, although difficult, shows us that it is not too late to make a change but it needs to happen now.

Sustainability is largely defined as the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level, or, the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

It’s no secret that thebuilding sectoris a major contributor toour environmental impact.

The European Commission claims that the industry produces around one-third of all waste, much of which becomes landfill. Construction also contributed 11% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions, which, at the current volume of natural resource utilisation is not sustainable.

Traditional methods of building and material uses have a heavy impact on the environment. Whether its the depletion of natural resources, the use of heavy machinery, multiple deliveries or the lack of recycling – the list is almost endless. Impact, both positive and negative, is created at both the design and build stage. This is why we must push for further collaboration between architects and contractors so that new, innovative techniques can be executed to make positive change.

Interior Layout - 5m x 3m Hab 3 Home Extension Example

Pre-fabricated methods such asthe ones used at Habattachcan help reduce the impacton the environment.

There are obvious benefits to this method, one being that there is less waste due the pre-quantified materials that come from a sustainable source, and another being a reduction in carbon footprint due to their being fewer people on site along, resulting in fewer deliveries and less noise pollution overall. The new addition to your home will also be easy to heat and maintain, giving you a long lasting quality product that has less of an impact on the environment.

We would always recommend considering sustainability when embarking on a project and through launching Habattach, we hope we can show people that building in a sustainable way can be accessed by almost everybody who is in the market for an extension.

Exterior Example - 6m x 4m Hab 2 Prefab Extension
Living Room Layout Interior - Hab 2 6m x 4m Prefab Extension

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