There are a few of routes you can take out there in order to build an extension. Today, we’ll be concentrating on Pre-fab vs. Traditional.

So, what’s right for you? In the boxing match between pre-fab and traditional, these two, really quite different methods, often yield incredibly similar results – some might say indistinguishable in some cases. Lets take break this down a bit more.

What are they?

Pre-fabricated or modular construction is a process that uses elements that are created in a factory, transported to site and installed wherever the client requires. In some cases, the structure can be entirely complete and just popped onto site or mostly complete where it can be easily fit together once it has arrived on site.

Traditional construction may be what you’re most familiar with. It’s a process whose primary structural elements are constructed entirely on site. This is the most conventional method and will be what most people picture when thinking about the construction industry as a whole. 


With pre-fab/modular construction methods, we’re able to simultaneously have work going on in-factory and on-site which makes this method up to 50% faster. In todays world the quicker we can make the journey to occupancy, the more valuable the method. Modules can arrive up to 95% complete!

Because a lot of the work happens before we even step foot on site, the quality control is consistent. Particularly with Habattach, the product is the same each time with few modifications which means each time the results are just as perfect as the first HAB we ever built.

You may hear traditional methods be referred to as linear construction, this type of method requires each step to be complete to a degree before the next one can actually begin, which means one hiccup can hold the whole operation up. There are a lot more room for delays! Due to all construction occurring on site, the schedule can also be reliant on the weather conditions – Britain is notorious for our unpredictable weather, so if we can find a way to limit that reliability we will!


Both projects would start the same. We’d be looking to secure permits and approvals, be carrying out site visits and get stuck in to the design/engineering aspect of the project. Once we’ve broken ground on site, both methods require site preparation and pre-works or ground works and this is where our projects drive off in different directions.

For pre-fab, during this time, construction will already be underway in the factory. Being able to have these two parts of the project run concurrent is incredibly valuable – this also means that weather and vandalism have no impact on the schedule. Once the factory work has been complete, the parts will be delivered directly to site where installation begins, followed by any exterior or interior finishes. Taking Habattach for example, this can take as little as 15 days! Your prefabricated extension is complete and ready for you to use!

Whilst all the above has been going on, the traditional route has had a slower timeline, needing to wait for foundations to be complete so that the framing can begin, roofing and insulation, windows and doors installation, first fix electrical and plumbing, any interior/exterior finishes, second fix electrical and plumbing, finishing touch ups all before you can even start to think of how you can use the space. 


So it’s up to you which method you were to go for, the traditional built may ‘go’ with your home more and will suit the style you’re used to. But if you’re looking for a quicker option, pre-fab deserves your attention.

Taking a look at what Habattach can offer you, we use the pre-fabricated, modular construction method purely because we know it works. We base our offering around a fixed design, fixed cost and fixed build time which means the whole process is completely transparent. Besides the optional bolt-ons you may be looking to add on, each HAB will essentially be the same. With repeated installation of these pieces, the process will only get more streamlined.

If you’re interested in how HAB can be the solution for you, why not send us a message to and our team would love to discuss your options with you.

Living Room Layout Interior - Hab 2 6m x 4m Prefab Extension

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