Let’s break this downand make it simple.

Both pre-fabricated extensions and traditional extensions begin in the same way with design, planning, approval and then site preparation. It is at this point that the difference is apparent.

Using a traditional build method for your home extension means that all of the work is done on site from start to finish. This means that there will be many deliveries, things can get messy and the noise levels can be quite disruptive. It is important to note that a traditional building method is ‘traditional’ and therefore ‘established’.

People like to know that things work, but just because this method has been used for years it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the only way or even the best way!

Let’s compare the traditional methodof adding an extension to your hometo the Pre-fab extension method...

With Pre- fabricated extensions you are guaranteed that the time it takes to build from start to finish will be significantly less than a traditional build. The designs are pre-quantified with parts constructed off site. Pre- fabricated home extensions are often much more affordable due to the above.

There are even more positives to this new way of thinking like the fact it is a more environmentally friendly way of building with less waste and reduction in carbon footprint due to their being fewer people on site and much less in the way of deliveries. The British weather is also less likely to affect a pre-fab extension project on your home due to the fact the process is much quicker and less reliant on dry weather to complete.

Even when the extension has been completedthe benefits continue- your pre-fab addition to your homewill be easier to heat and maintain over time.

Hab 1 Interior Example - Dining Room Prefab Extension Gallery

So, although traditional home extensions may feel more comfortable for some, the benefits of a pre-fab extension are clear to see and although we believe there is still a place for a trusty traditional extension, arguably the pros of a pre-fab are beginning to outweigh when compared.

With Habattach we are going one step further, offering pre-designed extension at a fixed cost. No hidden agendas, just a transparent offer for all to see. We offer a free Zoom Consultation where you can discuss your requirements and get to know the Team and our offer. For more information and to book your slot, just head to our contact us page.