Fixed cost, fixed design, fixed install time.

With Habattach you can extend you home in Oakham easily, beautifully, and know exactly what it will cost.
All of our Habs are manufactured to the highest quality using only the best sustainable materials. Each modular extension is meticulously designed and crafted to ensure all of the pieces fit together perfectly, giving you the ideal home extension quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss and stress. We’ve put the effort in to the design and planning of the Hab modular extension system, ensuring that your Hab can be manufactured off – site quickly.
Our team will then prepare the site at your property, bring the prefabricated extensions units to site, install and finish.

We have three pre-designed Habs on offer for customers in Oakham:

For all of our Habs we can choose a range of finishes to suit your tastes. You can even bring a little bit of green to your London home by opting for a green roof at no extra cost. The price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras

Exterior Example - 3m x 3m Hab 1 Prefab Extension Gallery


Hab 1

Hab 1 is our smallest modular home extension. Measuring 3m by 3m, this beautiful home extension offers a neat and spacious addition to your home to be used as you please.  Our extensions can be enjoyed all year round due to highly insulated timber frame panels.  

Hab 1 costs just £30k inc VAT. Your Hab 1 will be assembled and completed within 12-15 days.

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Exterior Example 1 - 6m x 4m Hab 2 Prefab Extension


Hab 2

Hab 2 is our larger multi use modular home extension offers 6m x 4m of space, providing endless possibilities for use.  Our prefab home extensions can be enjoyed all year round due to the highly insulated timber frame panels.  

Hab 2 costs just £44,0000 inc.  VAT.  Your extension will be assembled and completed within 14-18 days.

Exterior Example - 3m x 3m Hab 1 Prefab Extension Gallery


Hab 3

Hab 3 is our mid size extension perfect for those in a terrace situation.  It offers 5m x 3m of space, perfectly formed ready to make it yours.  

Hab 3 costs £38,000 inc VAT. Reducing upheaval and time at your property we can assemble and complete the Hab 3 extension within 12-15 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about our Modular Pre-Fabricated Extensions.

Do I need planning permission for a Habattach modular extension? 

No! Both our Hab 1 and Hab 2 prefab extensions will fall into permitted development (subject to listed buildings)

Do Habattach extensions require a specific type of foundation? 

We have developed a carbon neutral foundation and floor deck system with a tried and tested supplier. This will work on all ground types and accommodate sloping and uneven situations.

Will Habattach modular extensions complement my existing building? 

There is a choice of cladding materials that can compliment your existing house or make a statement

What if a Hab won’t fit my space? 

We are afraid a ‘Hab’ is not for you. We would recommend contacting Olive & Umber and they will be able to give you options that may be more fitting for your property.

How long does it take to prep and install a modular extension? 

Preparation is site specific. But to install our smaller, Hab 1 modular extension, we estimate 12 – 15 days and for our larger, Hab 2 extension, we estimate from 14-18 days.

Is the cost of install included in the price?

Yes, this is included in the cost.

Is any pre-work required, and is this included in the price? 

The level of preparation for your modular extension depends on the area in which your Hab will be located. The area will need to be cleared and levels reduced if necessary. This can be provided by us for an additional cost or completed by yourself / local contractor.

Is a Habattach better than bricks? 

Our pre-fab extensions are quicker, cleaner and more thermally efficient than traditional materials resulting in a more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing finished product.

What’s the lifespan of a Habattach pre-fab extension 

A habattach prefabricated extension has a lifespan of 50+ years and we include a 10 year warranty for all of our installations (subject to good maintenance).

What about a warranty for the windows and doors? 

As long as you follow a good maintenance schedule and your Hab is in good condition, we’ll cover your windows and doors as part of the 10 year guarantee you get with your pre-fab extension!

What will my Hab look like when it’s finished? 

Your modular home extension will be fully plastered and painted with ready-to-use electricity sockets just waiting for internal floor coverings and external hard landscaping to accompany it.

Will my insurer cover my Hab modular extension? 

Yes! As we’re using a popular construction method and providing a full building control certificate upon completion, you’ll have no problem finding a policy from insurers and mortgage providers.

Will you knock through from my existing house? 

We’ve included a cost for removing a window and cutting out the bottom and/or removing existing doors. For large structural openings, costs can be provided by Olive & Umber and/or a local contractor.

What rear building access do you need to complete the extension? 

Costs are calculated on pedestrian access but this is subject to site inspection.

Will a Habattach extension complement my existing building? 

With a range of cladding materials, our installations can effortlessly align to your existing space or stand out, making a statement the neighbours will envy.

Can I choose where to place windows or doors? 

Unfortunately the extensions are installed upon a fixed design basis, except for our Hab 1 where we can change the position to suit your existing door and window openings.

Can I customise the internal layout? 

Sure you can – it's our job to fit and install a modular extension structure that effortlessly becomes a part of your home.

Can it be a two storey home extension? 

Unfortunately not at this time, but we are hoping to bring this to you in the future.

What is a pre-fab?

In a typical build, most of the building will be manufactured on site. Pre-fabs, or pre-fabricated builds, is the name given when the manufacturing process takes place off-site and/or in sections, for an easy and quick assembly during the construction process.

What is the benefit of it being part pre-fab? 

There are a host of benefits to our Habs being part pre-fab, including: no waste or over ordering materials, a quick assembly and less time on-site so you can enjoy your Hab quicker. The off-site manufacturing process also ensures that all of our Habs are built to perfection and ready for assembly, every time.

How is my Hab built? 

abs use a timber frame and are assembled on-site, which requires putting together each section of the off-site manufactured (pre-fab), Hab.

Are Habs available UK wide? 

Yes, we can build a Hab anywhere in the UK*.

* For the moment, we’ve paused Scottish Highlands and NI – sorry guys!

Are Habs energy efficient? 

Yes! The construction process ensures that all of our Habs are insulated to a high level.

Is it easy to regulate and control the temperature inside of a Hab? 

As the construction process is fully compliant to building regulations and our products are insulated to a high level, you won’t need to worry about additional heating or cooling.

Are Habs sustainable? 

Sustainability was one of our priorities when we designed our Habs, for that reason, we will only ever use sustainable products when creating your Hab.

Does the Habs exterior require a lot of maintenance?  

Well, depending upon your cladding, there will be some maintenance. As we’ll be using premium timbers and coating, we can give an estimated 5-8 years before a second coat would be needed. If you choose zinc cladding, then there is 0 maintenance required.

Can I buy my own Hab and install it myself?  

Not right now, but we’re working on it!

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