2020 has turned our lives upside down. Whether it’s personal or business, our world is a different place to the one we left back in 2019. In 2020, it’s perfectly natural for workplaces to merge with our homes and it’s never been more difficult to separate the two. So, how can we ensure a stable work life balance and how can our homes provide this?

We’ve all seen the articles out there suggesting how you can turn a corner of your home into a workable office space. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a list on which chair provides us with the most comfort, these articles are nothing without having a space to work from, in the first place.

The reality for most is thatan office spaceisn’t something they consideredwhen purchasing their home.

A home office has been an out of date requirement for a long time, and one that was a luxury rather than an essential. Well, what about an entirely separate space where the door could be closed? What about having the ability to add more space for the family, freeing up another part of the home for the office space to be achieved?

The idea for Habattach came long before lockdown, but throughout the development stages, our aim has always been the same. We want to give our clients a design focussed, convenient and sustainable home extension that offers a more comfortable life.

Interior Example - Office - Hab 1 Prefab Extension Gallery

Hab 1 is a perfectly roundedmodular home office extensiongiving you the freedomto do what you want with it.

Not only that, but as normality begins to resume, Hab 1 could be re-purposed, providing a completely new area within your home, in a post COVID-19 world.

Living Room Layout Interior - Hab 2 6m x 4m Prefab Extension
Interior Layout - 5m x 3m Hab 3 Home Extension Example

Hab’s 2 & 3 create a larger expansionof your downstairs area.

This offers up the chance to flourish in an entirely new home office space or free up some of the existing areas around your home.

The beauty of Habattach pre-fabs is quite simple. A fashionable, affordable, and sustainable extension to your home within a guaranteed time period, in line with all building regulations. There’s really nothing for you to worry about.