How is Habattach different?

The home improvement market is incredibly saturated, with being thrusted in and out of lockdowns and the need to be working from home, companies have cropped up left right and centre to attempt to get a piece of the pie. So, what makes Habattach different to the other alternatives?

While Habattach was launched during lockdown, the idea has been floating around for a couple years prior. The first lockdown just gave us a chance to really refine our offering and release our hablings into the wild.

As Habattach is an attachment to Olive & Umber, the conversation evolved around looking for a simplistic solution to adding space to the home. Our eureka moment came after experimentation with prefabricated materials. Forming the basis of our design, this would allow anybody to access good quality design and build for a fraction of the price compared to a bespoke option.

One of the things that makes Habattach different is the genuine care we have for our clients. We saw that there was a constant issue with people being priced out of a Design & Build option and unable to commit to a fully project managed service. We knew that we needed to make a more accessible alternative to what was already out there.

You should take the ease of the process and high quality as a give but here are a few other reasons why Habattach is a great option.

There are no internal doors between HAB and the house. This means that the flow of the home isn’t disrupted by clunky doors and makes the look and feel of the space feel so much more connected.

A modular extension is insulated to a high level to ensure temperature control. Quality insulation is incredibly important when considering extension options, this is why there is no comparison when putting our HAB’s up against something like a conservatory.

Longer lasting. The materials used to created our HAB’s are incredibly robust and are built to last up to 50+ years with proper care and maintenance. We even offer a 10 year warranty on our HAB’s.

A modular extension will add value to your property. While adding value to the home isn’t everyone’s priority, it’s always good to know that something you were already going to do to improve the home is also going to add value. It’s a great way to future proof your investment!

Useable all year round. The HAB is perfect whatever the weather outside looks like. There is absolutely no point in investing in an extension if it’s impossible, timely or super costly to heat up or cool down.

Will feel connected with your original home. The look and design of the HAB’s exterior is unique, it adds a certain spice to the way your home looks from the outside, the contrast marries beautifully together, the inside however, is absolutely seamless and a lot of the times, unless you want to, you can’t even tell that you’re in a brand new space. 

What also makes HAB different are the people behind the product, Olive & Umber are passionate, quality led construction company specialising in design led projects. In operation since 2014, HAB as a company is a still in it’s younger years but their people behind it are incredibly knowledgable and experienced. O&U collaborated with Hayward McMullan Architects to design and draw up the plans for the HAB’s, having worked together on many projects they both realised that their expectations were of a similarly high level and decided to combine their areas of expertise to bring one joint quality product offering in the form of Habattach. 

So, what do you think? How does Habattach measure up to what you already knew about extensions? Are you interested in finding out more about our HAB offerings? Send us an email to or you can request a callback on the website and one of our experts will follow up with you to discuss how HAB can help you!

Exterior Example - 6m x 4m Hab 2 Prefab Extension
Living Room Layout Interior - Hab 2 6m x 4m Prefab Extension

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