A wise man once said, “You should always leave something better than you found it”. This sentiment is especially poignant when you view it through the lens of adding to your home. No matter what your reason might be for needing more space, each extension project comes with the same goal of improving the well-being of the people that matter to us the most.

With Habattach, we knew our goal to provide an offering at a fixed cost meant we had to create a fixed design that would effortlessly align with your existing space. Sure, making a statement that your neighbours will envy is a fun little bonus. However, there is a special component to every HAB that was specifically included with you in mind.

If you have had an opportunity to look through the particulars of each HAB, you might have noticed our fabulous range of cladding materials, or fantastic bolt-on options like the traditional log burner. These selections help to put your own special little touches on your extension project.

If you really want to take your HAB to the next level, have you checked out the stunning sedum green roof? This beautiful addition is definitely what we like to call the icing on the cake. To be greeted by brilliant colours every time you look out over your extension makes this standard feature anything but ordinary. That’s right, the elegance of our sedum green roof is a part of the HAB fixed design. As is always the case, there is also a lot more to this beauty than meets the eye and we are so excited to introduce you!

A key advantage of a green roof is improved ambient air quality, as vegetation filters out some of the invisible pollution from the air.

Actively reducing our carbon footprint is a big task, but little choices we make each day help us to achieve that purpose. You can breathe a little easier knowing that you’re providing a vital environmental function, and all you had to do was say yes.

A green roof slows down the rate of storm water during heavy rainstorms, naturally storing that rain water. This means your green roof stays looking splendid without the need for regular maintenance. Your green roof provides a place for butterflies, insects, birds, wildlife and other plants to thrive. What’s even better, a having a green roof can actually prolong the life of your roof covering!

As the plants prevent the sun’s rays from reaching your roof, you’re provided an added layer of protection to your investment in your home. The green roof naturally keeps the temperature of Hab lower in the summer, so you have it made in the shade. What’s even cooler is that your green roof also helps counteract heat loss during the winter as well.  Visually spectacular and energy efficient- it’s a match made in heaven.

One main component of your sedum green roof is Hespanicum, a succulent well-loved by bees. This plant offers wonderful ground coverage, excelling especially in the winter. We also love that Hespanicum changes colours with every season, so you’re in for an excellent show!

Alburn Coral carpet is another major player in your green roof scene, coming in very strong and equally sturdy. Not only can this little plant flower even through months of drought, but it also provides even more great winter colours. This plant is a fan favourite with butterflies and even ladybirds.

Interior Layout - 5m x 3m Hab 3 Home Extension Example

It’s not hard to see how all of these positive featuresof a green roof made it an ideal choice when we were designing the HAB.

Our team takes our role in sustainability to heart, and the green roof holds a special place in all of ours. As you’ve been able to see, there is a whole lot to love about a green roof.

Do you have any questions about Habattach or our green roof? We would love a chance to tell you more about the details you can choose when selecting your HAB. When you have a chance to stop and smell the flowers, drop by our contact us page to book your Zoom Consultation. You simply select a date and time that fits your schedule, and reserve your slot. We’ll confirm with you in advance, and then see you there!

Exterior Example - 6m x 4m Hab 2 Prefab Extension
Living Room Layout Interior - Hab 2 6m x 4m Prefab Extension

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