The idea for Habattach began a couple of years ago, we knew that we could be doing more to help customers achieve more space in their homes in a simpler way using methods that provide clarity and transparency. 

Launching in Summer 2020, Habattach has had such a rollercoaster first year! So we thought it would be a good idea to introduce each of our HAB’s and explain a little bit about what it is you’ll be getting yourself into when you adopt one of our HAB’s onto your home.

The reason that Habattach works so well is because of how open we are about the timeline, the price points and what it’ll basically end up looking like. Our strapline is ‘fixed cost, fixed design, fixed install time’ which has enabled us to allot pricings and timings to each of our designs, putting our customers at ease about what exactly it is that they’re purchasing. 

Initially, we began with two designs – the small one and the big one, these came in the form of HAB 1 which is our smaller offering and the HAB 2, which is our biggun! Shortly after, HAB 3 joined the party and became our middle-sized option.

Let’s take a look at each of our HAB’s in more detail before moving on to how you can customise them.

HAB 1   

HAB 1 is our smallest modular home extension. Measuring in at 3m by 3m, the HAB 1 offers a neat yet spacious addition to your home to be used as you please. 

Because we use highly insulated timber to create our HAB’s, it means that the space can be used year-round without having to worry about it freezing in the winter or baking in the sun! Because of the HAB’s high efficiency, unlike some other extension options, they have the potential to become part of your home without needing to be segregated by internal doors and walls making the addition seem like it belonged with your home from the start.

HAB 2 

Currently our largest of our offering, HAB 2 offers 6m x 4m of space, in turn providing endless possibilities for use. HAB 2 has been a huge hit with our customers, with many considering this particular design to help them extend their kitchens and eating areas. 

Each of our HAB’s are manufactured off site, reducing upheaval and time at your property, we can assemble and complete the HAB 2 within 14-18 days – yes, you can have a brand-new space to play with and decorated in as little as two weeks!

HAB 3  

Our newest addition to the HAB family is the HAB 3, giving your 5m x 3m of space, the HAB 3 was introduced once we realised how many more customers we could cater to by offering something that sat comfortably between the HAB 1 and HAB 2. 

Using the prefabricated, modular construction method, all of our HAB’s are manufactured off-site in pieces, delivered directly to site, and assembled by our experts directly onto your home, it couldn’t be simpler. 

In the future we hope to extend our offering and add more designs to our collection, but for now these are our core products, each offering something slightly different while still being unequivocally HAB.

How about customisation?

We decided during the development of HAB that we wanted to be able to offer a few options to make your HAB truly unique without compromising on what we stand for. Some of the bolt-ons that we’re about to mention may have an effect on the cost and install time, however all of this information can be discussed throughout your enquiry.


You need to dress your HAB up nice! We have a range of cladding options to suit most tastes, you can either opt for a standout statement or look towards something that might be easier to match the rest of your home. All of the cladding options come included with your HAB price except the Standing Seam Zinc which an additional cost will be added.

Our current offer includes:

Barcode Patter Larch: Using smooth sawn Siberian Larch in three different sizes with neat 8mm shadow gap, this option will give your HAB a real depth and an exciting texture. You also have the added option of staining the timber to a shade of your choice.

Tongue and Groove Larch: Again, Siberian Larch but this time a planed, smooth finish – this vertical tongue and groove boards allows for a more solid feel without losing the 8mm relief. As this is also timber, you have the option of staining this one too!

Large Format Cement Board Cladding: This super strong material makes for a striking finish for your HAB. Utilising the size of the sheet we can cover larger areas in one pass reducing the number of joins.

Standing Seam Zinc Cladding: Our premium cladding choice, this is a maintenance free option with a traditional feel, this zinc cladding can be custom designed to your requirements too! 


Birch Faced Ply

Give that Scandi feel to your HAB! With a secret fixing system developed in-house, you’re assured a great final finish. What’s more, all timer used for your HAB’s are from managed sustainable sources.

Sedum Green Roof

Allow us to create an ecosystem on the roof of your HAB. Encourage new wildlife with the mix of nine varieties of sedum, from Hespanicum, loved be bee’s to Alburn Coral carpet with great winter colour and a must for butterflies. 


Link your HAB beautifully to your garden and extend your new space even more with a 20m² area of composite or timber decking.

Plumbing and Additional Electrics

You HAB will come with sockets and downlights included within your initial purchase, however we understand that certain situations call for additional electrical work along with the possibility of some plumbing – depending on what you plan to use your new space for of course! We wanted to make sure that the option was there for any of our customers to add this on as an extra meaning we can cater to the masses!

We’ve only really touched the surface on what Habattach can offer, but we hope that we’ve been able to shed some light on our current offering and have helped you understand what’s available to you.

At the moment, the HAB’s come as described, we don’t currently offer anything in way of bespoke however we are always on the lookout for feedback so we can continue to grow and develop so please do let us know if you have any comments and constructive criticism when it comes to Habattach! We’d love to hear it.  

If you would like to find out more about Habattach and how we can help you, send us an email to and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss your plans with you.

Exterior Example - 6m x 4m Hab 2 Prefab Extension
Hab 2 Interior Example - Living Room Prefab Extension

We can install our prefab extensions anywhere the UK including London, Oakham, Manchester, Northampton, Leicester, Coventry, Cambridge, Bedford, Lincoln, Birmingham and more.