Our larger multi use modular home extension offers 6m x 4m of space, providing endless possibilities for use.

Our prefab home extensions can be enjoyed all year round due to the highly insulated timber frame panels. Hab 2 costs just £54,000 inc. VAT and you can choose a range of finishes to suit your tastes. This beautiful modular extension is manufactured off-site. Reducing upheaval and time at your property, we can assemble and complete the Hab 2 home extension within 14-18 days.

Hab 2

What is it?


Efficiency doesn't mean a drop in quality. Every aspect of your Hab2 has been designed down to the last detail giving you high quality and sustainability.


We've put in all the time beforehand so that Hab is quick to order, build, and to enjoy. Fast construction, long-lasting quality.

Fixed Cost

Choose your Hab. Then choose your options. The cost is fixed. It really is that easy.

The Process

Choose your Hab

All of our Habs are manufactured to the highest quality using only the best sustainable materials. Each modular extension is meticulously designed and crafted to ensure all of the pieces fit together perfectly, giving you the ideal home extension quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss and stress.

Book your site survey

For £250 we'll survey your potential Habattach space and give you expert advice on installation. This part of the process is essential and we cannot proceed with the installation of your Hab without it.

Choose Your Finishes

Our Hab 2 costs just £54,000 inc. VAT. This cost includes your choice of cladding and interior finishes (shown below). If you'd like to add extras to your home extension you can, you'll find bolt on options with clear transparent pricing below too.

Build & Install

We've put the effort in to the design and planning of the Hab modular extension system, ensuring that your Hab can be manufactured off-site quickly. Our team will then prepare the site at your property, bring the prefabricated extension units to site, install and finish.

Customisation options

Select from these materials for your Hab2, all at the same fixed cost.
Large samples are available to view at our offices.

Barcode pattern larch

Using smooth sawn Siberian Larch in three different sizes with a neat 8mm shadow gap, this option will give your Hab a real depth and an exciting texture. All timber cladding can be stained to customers choice.

Tongue and groove larch

Siberian Larch, but this time a planed smooth finish – this vertical tongue and groove board allows for a more solid, formal feel without losing the 8mm relief. All timber cladding can be stained to customers choice.

Large format cement board cladding

This super strong material makes a striking finish for your Hab. Utilising the size of the sheet we can cover larger areas in one pass reducing the amount of joins – and when cut and finished the exposed edges provide a great contrast, outlining your structure beautifully. All with the added benefit of no painting required...

White painted plaster

Freshly painted white walls - a delightfully clean blank canvas, and the perfect starting point for you to add colour and extra personality to your Hab.

GRP Flat Roof

A durable, lightweight, fully reinforced and waterproof material - Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), is a composite material formed by strengthening plastic with fine fibres made of glass. It is tough, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Make your Hab your own


These are the extras available to help make your Hab just that extra bit your own - priced individually.

Birch faced ply

Give that Scandi feel to your Hab - and, with a secret fixing system developed in-house, you’re assured a great final finish. All timber used for your Habs is from managed sustainable sources.

Standing seam zinc cladding

A maintenance free option with a traditional feel, this zinc rain screen cladding can be custom designed to your requirements (call or email us for further info).

Sedum green roof

Create an ecosystem on the roof of your Hab. Encourage new wildlife with the mix of 9 varieties of sedum, from Hespanicum, loved by bee’s, to Alburn Coral carpet, with great winter colour and a must for the butterflies.


Link your Hab beautifully to your garden, and extend your new space even more with a 20m2 area of composite or timber decking.

Plumbing and additional electrical

Price subject to Site Survey.


An example Hab2 layout - what will you do?

An example Hab2 layout - what will you do?

Key questions

Here are some of the most common questions before getting Habattached.

Do I need planning permission?

No! All product options will fall into permitted development (subject to listed buildings).

Does it require a specific type of foundation?

We have developed a carbon neutral foundation and floor deck system with a tried and tested supplier. This will work on all ground types and accommodate sloping and uneven situations.

Will it match/complement my existing building?

There is a choice of cladding materials that can compliment your existing house or make a statement.

What if this options doesn't fit my space?

We are afraid a ‘Hab’ is not for you. We would recommend contacting Olive & Umber and they will be able to give you options that may be more fitting for your property.

How long does it take to prep and install?

Preparation is site specific but installation of 'Hab 2' is 14/18 days.

Is the cost of install included in the price?

Yes, this is included in the cost.

What pre-work is needed? Is this part of the job or a separate cost?

The level of preparation depends on the area in which your ‘Hab' will be located. The area will need to be cleared and levels reduced if needed. This can be done by us for an additional cost or completed by yourself/local contractor.

Why choose this over traditional brick build?

It is a quicker & cleaner option with more thermal efficiency.

How long will it last?

It will have a usable life of 50 + years with a warranty of 10yrs (subject to good maintenance).

What level is it finished to?

It will be plastered and painted with full electrics ready for hard landscaping on the outside and floor coverings on the inside.

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