It’s no secret that we have all been learning to navigate the sweeping changes brought our way during the last twelve months. While it has felt like a giant pause button has been pressed on our lives, we here at Habattach feel it is so important to see the silver lining in any situation. Now more than ever, the utilisation of our space at home has become increasingly important. With more time at home comes the opportunity to revaluate our spaces to ensure we are getting the maximum benefit from them.

Deciding to build an extension can feel like a major project. From design and drawings to planning permission, knowing where to start is tricky. The beauty of Habattach is that process can be much easier than you might expect! The design process of the Hab intentionally took all of those headaches out of the equation. Be sure to check out our other blog post to learn all about permitted development, and how this gives you a clearer path to the extension of your dreams.

Habattach offerings are a fixed, single-storey design which allows you to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to personalising the space based on your needs.

Throughout the research and development process, our focus has been to design a space that allows you to enhance your life. Once installation of your Hab is complete, you essentially have a “blank canvas” to create your own masterpiece.

Have you found yourself in need of a utility room to better organise storage? Maybe you are looking for room to create art, or an area to work on crafts with the kids. If you’re looking at working from home for an extended period of time, an office might provide you some of the peace and quiet you crave. When the weather outside isn’t always accommodating to your workout routine, going to the gym without ever stepping outside your door would be lovely. Whatever your extension plans look like, Hab is here to help.

A Habattach extension gives you the flexibility to extend to the back or side, depending on your current floorplan. The site survey we complete in advance of your installation allows us to confirm the location you have selected on your property is the best fit for your Hab. With the three current size offerings of Habattach, you can choose the option that’s the right fit for you.

The fixed cost of all our Hab offerings means you also don’t have to worry about unplanned budget increase surprises. You know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re spending, freeing up more of your budget to focus on the bits that matter most to you. Additionally, there are several elements we offer as bolt-ons to your Hab package to take it to the next level. The stunning log burner can fill your room with cosy vibes and connecting to your garden with 20m² of timbre or composite decking provides the perfect finishing touch.

Interior Layout - 5m x 3m Hab 3 Home Extension Example

The windows and skylights included in the fixed design of the Hab cultivate a bright atmosphere with natural lighting throughout your day, and keep you connected to your garden outside.

The double plug sockets that come standard with your Hab allow you to stay plugged in and powered up. If you’re more of a night owl, the included interior lighting allows your space to keep on functioning long after the sun has gone down.

Being constructed from more hardy materials than a traditional conservatory, your Hab is incredibly well insulated. This means your space will be useable all throughout the year, not only during the milder temperatures typical of spring and summer. You’ll also have peace of mind in the lasting quality of your extension. Making an investment in your home by selecting Habattach includes a 10-year warranty for all our installations, subject to good maintenance. Your Hab extension has a lifespan of 50+ years, and we include a 10-year warranty for all of our installations subject to good upkeep.

Sometimes we all need a reminder to take a breath and be kinder to ourselves. Little steps toward self-care are essential, and many of those start at home. Other times, that push for a big change can bring a fresh perspective on life we never knew we needed. Taking those first steps towards your project can be the start of something fantastic.

We here at Habattach hope you are able to give yourself the additional space you need to make life easier. With so much to love about Hab, we invite you to take a closer look for yourself. Let us know how we can help you. Simply pick up the phone or reach out via our contact form to schedule your free Zoom consultation today!

Exterior Example - 6m x 4m Hab 2 Prefab Extension
Living Room Layout Interior - Hab 2 6m x 4m Prefab Extension

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